Townsville aims to be a fan resource on The Powerpuff Girls series and its various other media incarnations. It is named, of course, after the place that serves as the hometown and protectorate of the Powerpuff Girls.

This webpage contains storyline, character, merchandise and networking information on the Cartoon Network show. This site also offers multimedia downloads on the series; as of the moment, we only have a rather decent image collection on hand.

The site was initially created in 2002 and reactivated 12 August 2017, after quite a bit of travel around the Web.All HTML coded and information gathered by Shi. It is with great hope that I look forward to sharing more information and series goodies with my fellow PPG fans.

º Design Notes º

Uploaded :: 12 August 2017
Verse :: Girl Power, Shampoo
Tools :: Adobe Photoshop and Image Ready, Notepad

by Shampoo

I don't wanna be a boy
I wanna be a girl
I wanna do things that'll make your hair curl
I wanna play with knives
I wannna play with guns
I wanna smash the place up just for fun

I wanna go wild
I wanna party and act like a child
If it suits me
'Cause we got
'Cause she's got

Girl power
We glower
Coming home drunk in the midnight hour
Girl power
We glower
Might look sweet but we wanna be sour

I don't wanna go to
I don't wanna go to college
Don't wanna get a job
Wanna sit 'round the house and act like a slob
I wanna be evil
I wanna be bad
I wanna drive my next-door neighbors mad

'Cause we got
'Cause she's got
'Cause we got
Girl power

Townsville's launching layout, entitled Girl Power, is based visually on the group image of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup in a confident, bring-it-on disposition that simply radiates their own brand of "girl power."

This design is made up of tight tables, a spliced-image navigation menu and style sheets. The overall visual scheme was based on the dominant color of The Powerpuff Girls cartoon series, which is pink. In this particular spread, I used various shades of this color in the background, fonts and main graphic, with hints of purple here and there.

Portions of the lyrics to Girl Power, the song which I believe suits this layout wonderfully, could be found behind the Powerpuff Girls in the image above and quoted on the site index page. The song is by the female duo Shampoo, which is most known for their hit single Trouble back in the mid-1990s.